Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Taking the Step..

The time has come that I just can't live in utter chaos anymore!! No matter how many times a day I clean my house, I still end up sitting down somewhere next to yet another mess to clean up. Between my husband, our four children, and our nonstop lives.. the list of things to do just doesn't seem to have a bottom anywhere in sight. But that's okay, because I have a plan!!

I am going to start tackling this clutter and disorganization that seems to run a muck in our lives. I'm going to grab it and tear it apart piece by piece until everything is organized, clutter free, and I can finally relax... well a little at least! HaHa! I'm going to be trying all different kinds of ideas, some new and some old... and doing it all on a very seriously small budget. I would love to hear any input from you along the way.. or simply see the things you come up with when tackling the same tasks! So come along on my journey.. just prepare yourself for some wonky outbursts!! :)


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